10 Reasons Why Our Electric Utilities Should Provide Fiber-To-The-Home

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  1. Profits from broadband can be used to subsidize electricity rates to help keep them low.
  2. New home/building construction is much more energy efficient, leading to less revenues for the utility board.
  3. Smart home technology along with more efficient lighting and appliances will make existing homes more efficient, leading to less revenues for the utility board.
  4. Solar  technology is getting cheaper which means that those with the right solar exposure and can afford it will use less electricity. Leading to less revenues for the utility board.
  5. The community would have a say in its digital and economic future.
  6. Fiber can be used to read meters and detect outages, reducing outage time and truck rolls.
  7. 80% of Americans from all political persuasions are in favor of broadband as a public utility.
  8. Commerical ISPs keep raising rates and customer dissatisfaction is at an all time high.
  9. ​Other nearby utilities are moving forward with broadband meaning that we’ll lag behind them in economic development.
  10. 34% of rural Tennesseans that today, have no option, would be able to get broadband.

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